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1 PivotCandle Forex Trading System

To succeed in forex trading, you simply need to do two things: 1. Identify the current trend 2. Jump into that trend with perfect timing. Pivotcandle forex trading system has a new powerful effective system that consistently generates massive profits from the forex market. This forex strategy ebook was written in a straightforward, no-nonsense manner. The main components of PivotCandle forex trading system is a candlestick pattern called hammer and special types of price support and resistance known as pivot levels.
Source: John Chen

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2 Tom Demark Trend Lines Price Projection Forex Strategy

Tom Demark Trend Lines Price Projection Forex Strategy is based on breakout strategy using trendlines. Trend lines are universally used by almost all traders. The problem is that a trader becomes too subjective in their trend line drawing. Many traders will draw on separate occasions two totally different trend lines based on the identical information, depending on his inclination each time, thus consistency and uniformity are totally lacking. Not all trend lines are correct, in the end only one is.
Tom Demark Trend lines Price projection Forex Strategy is easy to learn. Once learned and applied, trend line analysis is no longer subjective, it becomes completely mechanical. Trend line breakouts are precisely defined and price projections can easily be calculated. 

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1 Renko Ashi Trading System 2

Renko Ashi forex trading system is based on utilization of the Non Time-frame based analysis called the Renko Chart. In the Renko Chart time is not of concern or time is not what causes separation of one bar/candle to another, the emphasis is on the price and the movements in pips. Like a 10 pips renko chart will display candles that are 10pips big and what separates one candle from another is 10pips of movement. Hence using a renko chart the noise of time-frame based chart are removed and it shows you the chart based on the movement of the market in pips.
As forex traders we only need to be concerned of one thing that is the PRICE, because that’s what we are dealing with, Price is what makes people want to buy or want to sell. Change of price is what is the deciding factor between Earning and losing. When the price of a currency is low it gets into supply/demand, when the price of a currency is high it gets into selling from buyers for a profit. So we just need to be concerned with Price and with Pips in Forex.

Source: Mr, Nims

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1 The Truth About Fibonacci Trading

The truth about Fibonacci trading levels is that they are useful (like all trading indicators). They do not work as a standalone system of trading and they are certainly not the holy grail, but can be a very effective component of your forex trading strategy. Most good trading software packages include both Fibonacci Retracement Levels and Price Extension Levels. In order to apply Fibonacci levels to price charts, it is necessary to identify Swing Highs and Swing Lows. A Swing High is a short term high bar with at least two lower highs on both the left and right of the high bar. A Swing Low is a short term low bar with at least two higher lows on both the left and right of the low bar. 

Source: D Selzer-McKenzie

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1 The Dance Forex Trading Manual

If you want to learn to trade a simple forex system that is fairly easy to learn, make lots of money and never need more than 40 pips a day to do it. welcome home, this is the place. With time, you will also get to the larger pip counts and to where you can make a lot more trades, but the first thing you have to do is master one forex strategy and no more than two or three types of entries and never vary from them. That is what professional trading is about. A disciplined approach to trading that consistently earns you income and wealth.
This forex book contain of  The Dance forex trading manual , which trade only USD pairs during London/New York overlap time, JPY pairs during Asian/London overlap time and EUR pairs during Frankfurt time. The Dance forex trading strategy work on 15 minutes chart only. 

Source: Clay Ferrell

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1 Randy Candles Forex Strategy

Randy Candles forex strategy was basically on price action trading approach. Using HA (Heiken Ashi) indicators and SMA line as as dynamic points of support and resistance. This system works good on trade with the prevailing trend on pullbacks for example. No brainer and the “randycandles give a clear and precise entry. Recommended to trade on pairs eur/jpy, gbp/jpy, or aud/usd although you can also try it on other pairs. They work on all time frames. They don’t repaint. Entry usually based on the 15M chart. This file contain Randy candles forex strategy ebook, template and its indicators. 

Source: Randy

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0 Elliot Wave Crash Course

Studying the patterns is very important in order to apply the Elliott Wave Principle correctly. The pattern of the market action, if correctly determined, not only tells you to what price levels the market will rise or decline, but also in which way (or pattern) this will happen. When you are able to recognize the patterns, and apply these patterns correctly, you can trade the Elliott Wave Principle. This is not easy to accomplish, but after some study and with the help of our "detailed and personalized daily chart service" tool you will find it easier. Humans, with sufficient experience, can analyse markets in an instance, which is a requirement for trading.

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